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Maggie’s Enchiladas Verdes

Maggie is one of the best cooks I know, and she is the author of today’s Enchiladas Verdes recipe. As a cook, Maggie is a traditionalist, remaining true to recipes—but she is not inflexible, adapting recipes when needed. Although she loves traditional Mexican cuisine and cooks some of the best mole and cochinita pibil around,…

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Atole, Matchole and Champurrado

We had a snowstorm in Boston two weeks ago. Even though the real snowfall—8-12 inches—came on a Saturday, I treated it like a snow day. I woke up late and immediately began to make a breakfast only suitable for weekends or snow days—buttermilk pancakes! Quite an upgrade from my normal breakfast fare: oatmeal, cereal or…

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Pozole Blanco con Pollo

It is common knowledge that I ate pozole rojo for two years straight as a child. My mom was a waitress at a small Mexican restaurant near our home for years, and I was often dropped off or picked up there by my dad. Every time I visited, without fault, I would ask for pozole…

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